Not another dog blog.

Yeah, who needs it?

The 468493 dog blog that’s shooting up like a fungus. For a long time I fought against it. Read for yourself why I changed my mind.

It all started with our Instagram account tied up.

With the growing number of followers on the channel, the questions about dogs also increased. Regularly questions about travelling with dogs, dog nutrition or dog training trundled into our mailbox. Questions repeated themselves. I try hard to give a detailed answer to every question – at some point this became almost impossible. So Rafael asked me the decisive question:

Why not start our own dog blog?

In this way interesting questions can be answered in detail and at the same time we can provide an insight into life with three dogs.

Said, done and here we are.

The focus of this blog is on traveling with dog – life with three dogs and life with handicap dog. But also the topic everyday life with dog does not come here too briefly! Tips and tricks about dog training and dog nutrition as well as stories from everyday life await you.

Nothing for you? We are always happy to receive news with ideas about dog topics that interest you and that you would like to see on our blog.

But that’s not it yet.

We not only offer classic blog posts, but also important information about travelling with dogs and dog nutrition. Here you can find checklists for packing your suitcase with your dog or an overview of sights you can visit with your furry nose. We have also selected the entry regulations for dogs from the countries we have already visited.

And now: Have fun exploring our blog!

Mateo und Rana mit Mojo in einer Seifenblase am Strand.

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The Pack

Vanessa & Rafael • Mojo • Rana • Mateo

Yes, somehow you can call the Verpinscht Family multicultural.

The two-legged ones – that is Rafael and me – have Portuguese roots. We were born and grew up in Germany. Living in Germany, went to school in Germany, studied in Germany and so on.

Nevertheless, we regularly go to the south to live with our families. Grandma, grandpa, aunt and uncle are visited here diligently all over the country.

At the same time we are busy filling up with the sunrays that we miss in Germany. Again and again I notice how good this does me – as if a part of me is dependent on the sun – but as a native of the south somehow quite normal, right?

Mojo comes from Germany and has already been passed around twice, until he finally found his forever home with us. Rana as a native Portuguese has the southern temperament in her blood, which also brings along mistress. Our frugal and good-humoured dog Mateo completes the family with his Greek descent perfectly. His handicap? For us totally secondary.


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Drei Hunde umarmen sich in der Stadt

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Drei Hunde stehen im Türrahmen

Travelling with dog

Hunde am Strand spielen gemeinsam

Dog with handicap

Hund mit drei Beinen trägt eine Prothese